Girls drooling on each other and trading spit

Two hot raven-haired babes with a dime for spit playing are here for us, and I find it hard to imagine a sexier pair than these two brunettes! Moxxie and Jessica are two porn stars who’ve done it all, and I just love the pairing of the more experienced Moxxie with the younger Jessica. There’s just so much Moxxie can teach her! And that’s why they really go well with each other in this session.
Moxxie And Jessica Lust For Each Other’s Bodies And Spit

They start with some sensual open-mouthed kissing and even then the action is dirty, as Moxxie lets her saliva flow and Jessica reciprocates, giving Moxxie some wet, slobbering kissing that leaves spit all over their bodies. And then of course that’s when they get started on their heaving big tits. Moxxie’s got large juggs, and she lets her saliva run down those juicy orbs for Jessica to lick up! Jessica’s sure learning a lot of tricks from this voluptuous pro, like being on the receiving end of her dribbling sputum as she waits open mouthed down on the floor! And then it’s Jessica’s turn to teach her mentor a few tricks, but to see that I think it’s better if you just check out Spitsters for the rest of this smutty saliva-filled lesbian session!

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